Exhibition TG vs BCOI


In order to wrap up a brilliant morning of Gaelic workshops for the kids, we had the pleasure of playing against a team from the Bar Council of Ireland. Our first ever match against a 100% Irish squad.
This was the perfect opportunity for us to measure ourselves against a group of players that have grown up with the sport and have a lot of experience.
And we definitely did not dissapoint as despite a tough and very close battle, we managed to clinch victory by a point in the closing seconds of the match (5-10 / 4-12).

It was great to see such team spirit, comradery and mutual respect during the match.
This good humour continued into the evening to see a victory for Irish rugby and some food and drinks at our sponsors Mulligan’s Irish pub.

A huge thank you to everyone at the Bar Council for choosing Toulouse for their trip.

Photos of the game !!